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The Mundane

Our 4th single, 'The Mundane' is an indie pop song for people who feel stuck in their mundane cycle of daily life and encourages them to step out and go to their full potential rather than staying in what’s comfortable.

The song was originally improvised and demoed in July 2023. We recorded it throughout February and March 2024. This song also features a music video, which was filmed in April 2024.

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Includes all the individual stems, instrumental version, sample pack, and more!


This song can be licensed for use in products, broadcast and film from Audiojungle:

Coming Soon... 17/5
How We Wrote 'The Mundane'


Kaitlyn Rodley - Lead Actress, Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Main Songwriter.

Joy Gutschlag - Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Main Songwriter, Video Extra.

Jedidiah Bensemann - Producer, Director, Keyboard, Main Songwriter, Video Extra.

Drew Sparks-Cropp - Guitars, Songwriter.

Regan Daly - Bass, Songwriter, Video Extra.

Hamish Thomson - Songwriter, Video Extra.

Joshua Clarke - Cinematographer.

Emily Rodley - Video Extra.

Abigail Smithies - Video Extra.
Jordan McCracken - Video Extra.
Renata van der Wal - Video Extra.
Jonathan Brosnahan - Video Extra.

Joshua Richards - Video Extra.

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