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Keep Running

Our 3rd single, 'Keep Running' is an energetic, motivating rock/pop song, encouraging the listener to persevere in the race set before them. The song was originally improvised during Jam Night Season 2 Episode 2 (Jan 2022). We finished writing the song in March 2023, and recorded it throughout June & July 2023. This song marks the first time we've made a music video, which was filmed around Nelson, New Zealand during October & November 2023.

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Includes all the individual stems, instrumental version, sample pack, and more!


This song can be licensed for use in products, broadcast, film, etc. from Audiojungle:

Beginning this week...
We're working on our 3rd single! 🎵
Recording Drums for Keep Running 🥁


Joy Gutschlag - Lead Vocals, Main Songwriter, Video Extra.

Drew Sparks-Cropp - Guitars, Main Songwriter, Video Extra.

Jedidiah Bensemann - Producer, Director, Editor, Keyboard, Songwriter, Video Extra.

Hamish Thomson - Lead Actor, Drums, Songwriter.

Regan Daly - Bass, Songwriter, Video Extra.

Kaitlyn Rodley - Backing Vocals, Songwriter, Video Extra.

Joshua Clarke - Cinematographer, Colourist, Video Extra.

Francis Paolo Meria - Actor.

Petra Leach - Songwriter.

Jessica Gill - Songwriter.

Georgia Allen - Video Extra.

Peter Penniall - Video Extra.

Carla Jessop - Video Extra.

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