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Our 2nd single, 'Oversimplify' is an epic rock anthem asking if Christians forget the pain and sacrifice that Jesus literally went through on their behalf. The song was originally improvised during Jam Night Season 1 Episode 7 (Oct 2021). We finished writing it in Jam Night Season 2 Episode 2 (Jan 2022), and spent the next 9 months producing the song. Featuring 11 musicians, recorded over 13 sessions, Oversimplify was our biggest project to date.

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Joy Gutschlag - Vocals, Group Vocals, Songwriter

Jessica Trethewey - Vocals, Group Vocals, Songwriter

Kaitlyn Rodley - Vocals

Melissa Faith - Backing Vocals

Jedidiah Bensemann - Producer, Video, Keyboard, Group Vocals, Songwriter

Regan Daly - Bass, Group Vocals, Songwriter

Drew Sparks-Cropp - Electric Guitar, Songwriter

Abigail Smithies - Songwriter

Bryn Cropp - Drums

Samuel Halford - Group Vocals

Petra Leach - Group Vocals



Includes all the individual stems, instrumental version, sheet music, and more!

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